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Artichoke design is my creative label, showcasing my individually conceived and crafted leather products made in Melbourne.

I started this adventure with a range of purses and handbags and have continued to evolve, now including accessories such as phone slings, key fobs, brooches, hair clips and earrings. 

I have always had a strong affinity for the tactile, originally studying my B.A. in textile design, which led naturally towards exploring the possibilities of working with leather. 

I draw inspiration from the fine collection of leathers I have amassed over the years. 100% is waste from the fashion industry. Each piece of leather has a curious story, my favourite being about the sheepskins I acquired from the local retired moccasin maker! 

Designing a practical product using waste material is my main intention, Artichoke Design is a never ending festival of texture, colour and shape!


Michele Hume